Meta-Autunit, Johanngeorgenstadt, Sachsen


Mineral: Meta-Autunite  

Location: Günther Schacht, Steinbach, Johanngeorgenstadt, Sachsen

Info: This is truly an exceptional Meta-Autunite specimen of outstanding quality and aesthetics. It features vivid green, tabular crystal aggregates inside a huge open vug on quartz matrix and it's free of any damages- remarkable for that size! An important specimen with stunning display and even better in person! It was found in 1947 and was kept for many decades in a private collection in Freiberg, Germany. Probably one of the best existing specimens for the species and for sure from that locality. Ex Freund collection. It is also pictured on, see also

minID: 98V-XCL

Size: 8 x 15 x 5 cm